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Live Tracking & Trip History

Two Apps. Great possibilities.

X-GPS Monitor app for supervisors and X-GPS Tracker app for employees provide a holistic approach to the on-the-go field service management. Download free from the App Store or Google play.

X-GPS Tracker

Turn smartphones into a personal planner, PND, GPS tracker and a complete job planner. Share your location, view tasks and exchange data with the office.

  • Easily browse through everyday jobs
  • Share progress with the office
  • Show your working status
  • Enjoy paperless approach
  • Chat with team members
  • Enable a panic button for emergencies

X-GPS Monitor

Stay aware of what’s happening wherever you go. Locate vehicles and employees in real-time, check trip history and manage field service workflow.

  • Track current locations of any assets
  • Communicate with field teams online
  • Browse OBD data real-time
  • Get instant notifications about events
  • Assess field performance in seconds
  • Block engine remotely in case of theft